Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012/365 - Day 66

beginning canvas number five

This is the first of the repurposed canvases I am deliberately adding elements to in specific places...trying something new.

I wrote a few words and did a few sparse drawings with Payne's Gray paint. I added torn pieces of two different black papers with inclusions in a more conscious manner than I have on the other canvases.

I blurred the photos on purpose.

Tonight for some reason I felt like I needed to add some Light Magenta swirling circles to give the middle layer some movement. I wonder what effect these conscious additions and alterations will have on the canvas and the process? I will still add the next layers randomly.

This canvas is another large one like the smiling, mask-wearing, dancing dog. It is 24" x 30".

Tomorrow Ruth and I will make a trip to Ann Arbor to go to Hollander's for fabulous papers. I will try to rein myself in.
(yeah, right...)

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