Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012/365 - Day 77

tweaking canvas #6

LOL -- I think my collaborators/guides finally had enough of me doing this on my own -- and making a mess of things. It was a nearly audible "eh -- let us do it!"

I managed to cover up the rabbit/robed companion to the right of the horse (as you look at the canvas) but I wasn't able to deliberately come up with shapes that added the negative spaces and colors...that is when the guides stepped in and brushed me aside.

From right up next to the canvas I could clearly see another horse coming through from the background. In this photograph I can really see some sort of leopard/cheetah guy.

I will have to wait until all of the matte medium is dry, but it really amazes me how much the surface changes as it goes from very wet to dry...and what emerges from the layers of paper and glop of matte medium.

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