Friday, March 2, 2012

2012/365 - Day 62

working a little bit on repurposed canvas number two

I am going to refer to this as repurposed canvas number two until I can think of a title for it. It was the second one I started playing with. You can see an older post about it here and another one here. I will look back farther in the blog for the first mention of it for some future post. not being a very confident user of paint(s), I have been struggling a bit to try and figure out how to proceed with filling in colors and shading to the items and guys that have emerged through the layers on this canvas so far.

While I was trying to cover up the original character with the heart-shaped head and fishtail (because I couldn't totally erase the pencil marks that brought him forward) I added some papers to turn his old legs into birch-like trees with feet.

Today I have been experimenting with using Light Portrait Pink, N5 Neutral Gray, and Raw Umber to color in the trunks and the two boots (that show).

I am fairly happy with my first attempt at this.

I am starting small and slow.

I really don't want to ruin the characters/guys. I know I would not be able to reproduce them if/when I mess them up.

Hopefully I will figure things out as I go along. And also -- perhaps -- I will begin to learn the story of this canvas and its

overall f


Pacific College Mom said...

What about the cat's face in the upper right hand corner of this painting? Are you going to work with it too??? Very cool piece so far.

Took said...

I am sure characters/guys will continue to come and go until this canvas is all filled in. Right now there is a total of ten.

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