Monday, November 7, 2011

365 Day 311

the moose-creature with the monocle just wasn't doing it for me

I was playing around with the red repurposed canvas and I just wasn't happy with the moose-creature with the monocle. I wasn't all that fond of him to begin with, but today he reeeeeally looked wrong for the picture.

Because I am trying to incorporate some things I haven't used very often/recently, I pulled out this great handmade paper. It is red with gold leaves on it.

I turned it over because the leaves were too large to go with the creatures and because I wasn't sure how to deal with the gold ink (paint?) later on.

To my delight, the leaves kinda show through like I hoped they would.

Oh yeah...I like newsprint a lot and I laid some of that down first to help cover up the moose-creature's Sharpie marker image...then I used gel medium to adhere the paper to the newsprint.

I like the white halo of the newsprint.

I am starting to see new guys coming up already.

I also wanted to use a not-so-great block print (the print itself is not-so-great...I love the image) that I made back in relief printmaking class.

Another reason I wanted to use this particular image was that it is so finished and stark compared to the other creatures that are still just penciled in. I am hoping it will give me painting or finishing ideas.

One more reason I added this new guy was in contrast to the other creatures -- this guy was one of the images that came from the automatic drawings from my sketch I kinda sorta fell like I drew opposed to how I feel like I am just coloring in the other guys that are emerging on their I don't really have a say in how they look or who they are. There is an element of that to the sketch book guy, but I feel like I had more input with him...on some level.

This is where the new guy is located on the canvas in relation to where the moose-guy used to be.

And here is an overall view of the entire canvas.
For now.


SOiNTOiT said...

love the block print and how it was made for this looks like an anteater to word verification below?? antrater...ha

Took said...

ha ha...that's pretty amusing about the word verification thing.


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