Tuesday, November 1, 2011

365 Day 305

a trip out to Paint Creek Center for the Arts (and a missed class)

I had a bunch of errands to do today and Juana accompanied me -- we had a great day!

Among the things we did today was to take the batch of 20 Tookies finger puppets out to Paint Creek Center for the Arts for their Holiday Gift Gallery.

The 20 Tookies all ready to go, along with the paperwork, price tags and some of my business cards.

Look! There is my little black basket of Tookies at Paint Creek Center for the Arts in Rochester, MI.

I hope they find themselves stuffed into a lot of stockings!

Before Juana and I left we ran into Mary Fortuna and we all went to lunch together...what fun!

When I got back home tonight I was so wiped out and I still had a million things spinning around in my head -- and I apparently dozed off in my chair in front of tv. I was startled by a couple of cell phone texts and -- coming awake from that groggy state -- I realized that I had totally forgotten what day it was and that I had planned on going to Experimental Art Night at Art & Ideas Gallery. Dayum -- I was looking forward to it, too!

Here is what I think happened: Halloween was on Monday night this year. What? I am so conditioned to Halloween being on a weekend night -- plus this is the first year in about 25 years that I have not gone out to my sister Sue's house to help hand out candy. So -- since last night was Halloween, that means today must've been Monday. I must have been thinking it was Monday ALL day. I get home from errands, doze off and bam! I didn't make it to the art session I wanted to go to. I was a day off and also fell asleep thinking the class wasn't until tomorrow. Darn it!

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