Wednesday, November 30, 2011

365 Day 334

Wednesday Morning Studio Time at Joan's

This morning Leann, Joan, and I met at Joan's house at 9 a.m. for some morning studio time -- that gave us one more hour to work. I am usually up and about in my house by 7:00 - 7:30 a.m., I'm just not dressed and ready to go anywhere. This morning I found I was having a wee bit of trouble getting interested in working on anything. I searched and searched for something to pack up and take over to Joan's. I finally settled on working on the ATCs I started last time. I could at least choose the background papers and glue them to the cards, and put a piece of paper on the back of the card...sheesh. I guess I realized today that I don't generally get project-ready until the afternoon or early evening.

Today Joan worked on a family tree quilt that she is making for a Christmas present.

Leann worked "small" today on the floor while Joan used the sewing machine when we first settled in. Leann usually sits on the sewing machine side of the table where I sit.

Today Leann was working on printing Chinese zodiac characters for an exchange she is in on.

One of the portraits on Joan's quilt is of the family's goat.
So cute!

Ha -- Leann flashing some of her mysterious hand signals.
(I said it was a gang sign, but she was actually telling Joan something about the way fibers go...some sewing thing...a foreign language to me.)

Joan laying out the material to cut for the transfers.

Leann putting a decorative edge on the print.

Joan transferring the portrait artwork onto fabric.

The cards I worked on.

I added the papers and glued the cheetah guys down, then added the paper to the back of the cards.

Back at home later in the day.

It cracked me up. This is the first notebook I grabbed. I opened it without looking and the FIRST phrase was about cheetahs. Synchronicity.

I keep several notebooks going filled with phrases I hear from tv, movies, books, magazines, commercials, misquoted conversation snippets, etc.

The cheetah phrase is part of a conversation between Josh Gates and a team member on the television show Destination Truth. The part I am using is: "Yeah they can attack -- they're cheetahs -- they can do anything! They can fly, they can read your mind, they can run 250,000 miles per hour!"

Every so often I go through the notebooks and choose random phrases and print them out with the Dymo label maker.

I am not fond of my handwriting and the label maker makes it so easy to add text to small format collages.

The cards with a few more collage elements added, plus the small pile of phrases I was choosing from.

The five completed Artist Trading Cards for the December exchange. The theme is Big Cats.

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