Wednesday, November 16, 2011

365 Day 320

studio time with Joan and Leann

Today Joan Potter Thomas and Leann Meixner and I got together for our first Wednesday Morning Studio Time morning. Joan suggested that we set a specific day and time to work on art -- one day a week -- before she has to go to work and before Leann has to get busy doing stuff.

Wow. Joan has a beautiful home filled with incredible art and such a dazzling studio!

This was also my first attempt to do something creative (other than sort stuff) since I hurt my hands last week. I tried to travel light with 4 of the prints-on-cigar-box-lids things, some papers, a few carved stamps, two things I haven't used in a long time (water color pencils and chalks) and something I've never used before (but that I've had in my stash forEVer -- pastels).

I am not going to type a lot today because I found that doing tight handed/fingered actions really hurt my hands still...vs open/flat handed/fingered things (like sorting) that don't bother my hands so much. I discovered this when I was using the stamps and tearing pieces of paper. Oh -- and driving is really painful, too. Harumph.

Bottom line: we had a great time and the time flew by too quickly! We can't wait to get back to the studio again next week...we may need to increase the length of the sessions.

One of the two pieces I worked on today. I ended up really liking the other one. (But I am not showing it yet.)



those darn little carved stamps...the beginning of the hands problem today

Back at home with this guy...the colors are kinda cool (much more color than I would usually use) but it is feeling kinda wrecked -- not permanently wrecked -- it was time to stop for today. It needs more work.

I had to make a quick stop at the bank and then the grocery store on the way home. Man -- I never realized how much you really use your hands to drive a car. Back to cold packs and elevating the hands for sister Sue will be over tomorrow to bring the rest of the bins up from the basement (for the giveaway/clear out on Sunday). But NO more work at all for tonight. There...I typed that into my I have to "obey" what I said to myself.


Leann said...

How did you get such a good photo of Scout, she wouldn't get far enough away from the camera!

Took said...

I think that shot was shortly after she half-climbed on you...she was quicker to mellow out. The rest of my shots of her are extreme close up blurs...LOL

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