Wednesday, November 9, 2011

365 Day 313

wow -- big day today

But you wouldn't know it from looking at these photos...LOL.

My sister Sue came over at 11 this morning and we moved these HUGE and very heavy pieces of furniture from the basement to upstairs for use at my upcoming de-stash/clear out/giveaway this Sunday. My basement stairs have a very low ceiling and we had to turn the dressers and the bar cart thing on their sides and keep turning them end over end to get them up the stairs and there is a really sharp turn at the landing to get into the kitchen. We also made several trips from the garage to the house to bring in the white folding tables. We worked pretty much nonstop until shortly after 1:30. I couldn't have done it without Sue's help and I really appreciate it! We also did a bucket brigade-style bringing the drawers upstairs, too. Then Sue got up on the ladder (bless her heart, she is scared of heights) to change two light bulbs on ceiling fixtures.

This little sideboard is heavier than it looks. It is old and well built...solid and heavy.

I wish I could figure out a way to use this blue dresser in my room instead of what is in there now. This came from the house I grew up in. It is also old (duh -- I'm old and I was very young when it came into our house).

This bin has the sections of the 100% wool rug that my Aunt Libby used to work on during plane rides to Europe in the early 70's. All of the pieces are there -- including some of the yarn -- someone just needs to finish off the edges and put it together. It is really nice.

Twink is having a blast running around on all of the surfaces and bouncing from dresser to tables to sideboard. What a nut.

And then tonight I was asked to do another Art-o-mat session for the combined meeting of two Yahoo groups...the ATC Exchange that I belong to and the fabric-based group Running with Scissors. This photo is before everyone arrived and I was waiting for my turn to speak.

I met a lot of really wonderful artists tonight and a few of them got box/block samples (with cellophane) -- I hope they make prototypes. Their quilting (and other) work(s) are just incredible.

And one of the members of Running with Scissors asked if I would be interested in talking with another art group she belongs to in Saline (near Ann Arbor).

I have my friend Leann Meixner to thank for this opportunity -- she suggested me as a speaker for Running with Scissors. Leann is a member of both groups.

Oh -- also last night when I was sorting out stuff for the de-stash/clear out/giveaway -- I uncovered a 'zine from 1994 that has work in it from me and from Leann -- we didn't know each other then but we are in the same ' cool is that? I will try to remember to post photos of that tomorrow. Right now I am really beat and it is reeeeeally windy and the electricity keeps going out momentarily and coming back on. I want to publish this post before I lose electricity again.

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