Tuesday, November 8, 2011

365 Day 312

big ol' de-stash/clear-out/giveaway

On Sunday I am having a bunch of artist friends over to go through my no-longer-needed stuff. It will be a sort of garage sale of art supplies, art, and arty things -- only there will be no money involved -- it's all free.

I have invited them to bring some of their unwanted items, too, and we can all go through the stuff and Juana and I will box up and take whatever is leftover that no one wants to take back home again out to Ann Arbor to the Scrap Box. Scrap Box is one of those creative recycling places.

So today is the first real day of sorting. I know it looks like a mess right now but it really isn't.

I am sorting into giveaway and keep bins.

AND I am actually letting go of all kinds of old clippings and paper items that I have been saving for about a billion years. You wouldn't believe how old some of that stuff was!

This is a keep box.

This is a giveaway box.


Sorting out giveaway stuff in to easier-to-look-through boxes.

Keep bin


And I am starting to put the sorted keep bins onto the shelves in my studio...to be sorted even more at a later date. But for now, wow -- this is SO much better. Now I know what I have and where it is!

The basement is getting empty!!!

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