Tuesday, November 15, 2011

365 Day 319

slowly easing back into it...in short bursts

My hands feel quite a bit better. I saw my regular doctor yesterday evening and he agreed that it doesn't sound like carpal tunnel to him...we'll see what turns up.

In the meantime, it is okay to take the splint off, stop the ice pack every two hours...although I'm supposed to keep up with the meds and the new ones. PLUS I need to listen/pay attention to how my hands are feeling and stop before I get into trouble again. My fingers on my right hand are still fairly numb, still not back all the way so I am trying to keep typing down to a minumum.

Today I did a little here and a little there, resting my hands in between. I had to ice pack my right hand a couple of times and elevate it.

Today I starting sorting giveaway stuff into better bins -- trying to make it easier for people to go through this stuff without feeling overwhelmed.

It doesn't look like much, but it IS. This is just part of it.

My studio looks like tornado alley again -- how does this happen?

The first thing I have to do before I can put stuff away is to re-alphabetize the Art-o-mat inventory.
I don't have as much back stock as I used to keep and I keep it sorted in the boxes it is shipped to me in. This frees up a lot of shelf space.

There -- the inventory is alphabetized and back up on the top shelf.

I recently did another Arto-presentation and I needed to take loads of examples with me...this is part of my personal stash boxed back up again.

That's enough for today. I need to rest up for a new weekly art get together that starts tomorrow morning. I am very excited for this and I really want to be able to work on something...that means NO more for tonight.


Woodie said...

Was just catching up on your blog, I hope you are feeling better, yikes?

Took said...

Hi Woodie -- it seems to be taking a long time but things are slowly getting better. My left hand is pretty good. I keep re-ouching my right hand.

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