Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012/365 - Day 50 -- part two

revisiting the other repurposed canvas

Okay. I think maybe plaster cloth is an evening activity and maybe that is why I am not yet working on all of the plaster cloth guys that I just need to tweak just a little bit.

This other canvas is in need of attention today, too.

Here it is at the beginning of this session.

There are things/guys I really like about it, but there are things/guys I really dislike about it.

Number one...that little dark hairy guy needs to go. But how?

Luckily, I have only been "finding" the creatures with pencils...darkening them as they emerge through the layers of the original canvas and paper.

Maybe I can just erase this stuff?

Yep. I think perhaps that the coating of gel medium on top of the paper (as well as under it) is allowing me to remove the pencil marks. Whew.

Yeah...that guy was kind of cute, but he really needed to get out of there.

This is the last bit of him left.

That's better. Overall he is gone...but I can still see the original parts of him trying to re-emerge.

The bird needed to change, too. And the other one behind it with the long beak needed to leave.
Oh...and the original guy in the foreground is "gone".

the guys that are staying (for now)

the guy carrying the patchwork cat/dog

the bull-demon guy

See how you can still see the dark hairy guy? A lot of that has to do with those stupid bead clumps that wouldn't come off of the original canvas without tearing it...they were all over the place but most of them came off. I just tried to take this bunch off but they won't budge. I will figure it out.

the I-don't know-what-this-guy-is guy

This guy may be on his way out.

this guy with the shapes on his face

THIS guy...this is my favorite guy

The bird can stay, but it needs a new face.

THIS second favorite guy.

And this little guy is probably looks like he may be orchestrating the whole thing.

I also left the legs of the original guy with the heart shaped face and fish tail. Parts of his face are underneath a layer of gel medium and won't erase. I like how the legs sort of look like birch trees with feet...maybe they will just turn into trees...with feet. Hmmm...

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