Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012/365 - Day 53

slowing down the rush of ideas

While testing the dryness of the plaster cloth guys I am waiting on this morning, I started to get a nearly manic overflow of many things I'd like to do...but how to get them from my head into the real head was spinning.

I decided I needed to slow the thoughts down and if I was still feeling the need to pursue something afterwards...okay.

This morning would have been a regular Wednesday Morning at Joan's house but both Joan and Leann are a bit under the weather today. What I would've taken to Joan's house to work on is the quilt with the hands on it. The last time I worked on it was last week (?) (seems like longer ago) when Leann was over babysitting me through an emotional thing. So today I thought I'd see if I could use the slow and steady rhythmic motions of hand sewing to slow down those swirly ideas.

I left the studio and brought the quilt and floss out to the dining room table. I turned on the music and sat down to sew.

Twink arrived.

This is his "oh, look how cute and sweet I la la" act.

A "target located" look.

He was a blur as he dove under the quilt.

Still digging for the invisible target.

I gently admonished him and slid him backwards a bit on the table.

Oh no...more focused now.


This is what I accomplished. I went all the way around this hand with yellow floss.

I am new at this hand sewing stuff. I am not going to beat myself up for uneven stitches.
Without someone to ask (constantly) about what I am doing "wrong" I think I may have been starting in one direction with the first length of floss and then coming up in the opposite way when I started again with a new length. It felt like I was doing everything really evenly but obviously I wasn't...LOL.

The sewing accomplished what I was after...becoming more still -- it is funny how the sewing is a combination of focus and mindless rhythmic motions. I feel a bit calmer and like I might be able to sketch something out in a little while.

Here is how the whole quilt looks so far. Thankfully there is a lot more to do on it!

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