Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012/365 - Day 47

new plaster cloth guy

I want to turn this guy into a "wild thing" for submission to an upcoming juried show. I may need to stretch the term "wild"...LOL.

Here is the "before" picture of this kind of sheep-y guy.

He is another one of the group of ten paper tube, wooden plaque and papier mache box guys that was originally made about a year and a half ago when I first started to work with the plaster cloth.

I was trying to experiment with what the plaster cloth would look like if I didn't smooth the edges down...if I just let it go where it wanted to. I wanted it to look like wool or fur or something. So this guy is kinda sorta like a sheep but with a goat's beard...or something.

Today I felt like I needed to trim the back edge and corners of the wooden plaque that the guy is built on. I also needed to cut a thick cardboard tube into legs.

The trimmed parts of the plaque...this guy is going to need a lot of body built onto him...hips, tummy, butt, etc.

Trying him out on his new legs...rear view.

I love this guy...such a sweet goofy face.

I wanted to fill his body out and give him a bit of a pot belly. I also needed to build some arms for him.

I used prescription pill bottles and thin wooden strips. I need to tweak him quite a bit, but I am very happy with the way he is turning out...he makes me smile.

And man, I can't believe that the arm came out as solid as it did -- the part that was made from scratch, that is...where it attaches the pill bottle to the body.

Building the second hand...I was mildly stressed at first that the hands aren't exactly symmetrical -- but this is a made up creature...and he is supposed to be wild...who knows what his hands are supposed to look like? Sheesh, Took.

This guy is just cracking me up...I love him!

I am also kind of amazed he is standing and balancing (so far).

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