Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012/365 - Day 50

working on the ghosts and monster piece again

I realized this morning that -- duh -- I don't have to only make something out of plaster cloth for the upcoming shows I want to submit things to. Sheesh.

Remember this? The ghosts and monster?

This is how it looked this morning, "before".

The colors are a bit off with this lighting.

Here is the monster "after" a little more work this morning.

Then I moved onto ghost number one.

I have never really cared for the way ghost number one looked...but I wasn't having much luck with the various ways I'd been altering him.

Today I decided to go at him from a different angle and use pink unyru paper to see what that would do in layers.

In this photo I have put on gel medium with my gloved fingers and added a few torn pieces of the paper and then put more gel medium on top. I wanted to get the paper very wet so it would still be see through.

It is difficult for the camera to pick up the textures and the color (apparently) so I am settling for showing the difference in how the paper looks when it is going down...wet on the left and not down yet/dry on the right.

I think the inclusions in the paper will add to the ghosty look.

These two photos are how it looked as I was working...across the canvas, not up and down.

There...the camera is still not really sure what to focus on, but you can see the colors in the very wet paper layers.

In this photo I had turned the canvas and was trying to smooth out the gel medium a little.

The rest of these photos are just progress-while-drying shots.

ghost number one

ghost number two...didn't do anything to him today


This is a shot of the entire canvas as it looks hanging on the wall. Ghost number one is still very wet.

I'm not done with this yet.

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