Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012/365 - Day 39 part 2

wow -- I didn't expect this

In trying to make this guy into a wild thing/creature/guy I really didn't know where I was heading. I only knew for sure he would have a long tail. He started out as a wolf with flames on his head (a couple of years ago) and was relatively small.

I decided today I was tired of the flames and I was off of the crown idea, too. So I thought I would just start messing around with the paper rags and let the guy show me what he is.

His head started to get sheep-like because the flames made the paper rag fluffy looking. Then came the horns.

Then I had these ears leftover from the rabbit/hare-ish guy and tried them on this guy.

Meh...not horrible but not "wild" looking enough.

Then I noticed the goat figurine on my desk and cut the ears down.

Oh I am back to "cute" again. NOT a problem, but not exactly where I wanted to go with this wild thing.

So I thought...well, how about just start with the plaster cloth and see if you can get a basic head shape and then put some horns on.

When I started the horns I did them the way I made that cat-ish guy's tail...I made a diagonally folded paper rag cone thing and soaked it and wrung the water out. Then I held it up to the cardboard horn suggestion and tried to twist it on.

I liked the idea of letting the horns make themselves. Now I knew I wanted them spiral or twisty.

It is a little hard to see in these photos, but they are going off in different directions. I like them. Later on I will try to add the suggestion of spirals (maybe)...but for now, this is a good beginning I think.

I suppose if I put the smaller "cute" ears on it would be okay. I suppose wild things need to start out as cute baby wild things.

I will have to see what he tells me he is.

And there is still the issue of that very long tail to think about...

This day is probably going to end up in several more "parts". I still have the ATC Exchange meeting to go to (but dinner first with Leann and Jane!) and now I am antsy to get back into the plaster cloth, too...lots to look forward to yet tonight! I think I will "blame" this burst of creative thinking on this morning's session with Joan and Leann.

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