Friday, February 10, 2012

2012/365 - Day 41

heads and tails

This guy is going to require a LOT of painting...I need to get his body constructed or I will never make the deadline!

Re-shaping his head once again. I was not happy with the way he was looking like an antelope...not that there's anything wrong with antelopes.

I wanted the back of his head to be more round and I wanted his face to be longer looking somehow, but without making the entire head larger.

I rounded his cheeks a little more and took away the sheep forehead (not that there's anything wrong with a sheep forehead).

The nose/muzzle area is looking slightly bullish or something. That is fine -- mostly I want it to be a totally made up creature.

I think I like the look of that one horn and will do the same treatment to the other one.

I needed to shape the rear end and make a place for a tail to attach.

I tried several different tails...

This one was sort of horsey...I would've feathered it out more as I added more plaster a model of a horse.

This version was made with a little more overall almost looked like a necktie and ended in a diamond point.

another view of the neck tie tail

This was my second favorite. A sort of a stylized zebra tail.

another view of the stylized zebra tail

This is the one I like best (in theory)...if I can make it work.

I was going to do this for the cat-creature but decided against it. I think it would fit this creature better.

I will talk more about it as it develops (if it stays on -- and if I decided to keep it...I could still remove it and go with my second favorite).

I wanted to keep working right now but the tail is really needs to firm up and tell me if it is right or not.

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