Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012/365 - Day 53 -- part two

covering over another canvas

I started a large sized vision board last year. I wasn't very into it or the images and words I was putting on it. I was pretty much going through the motions and I knew it at the time. I didn't like looking at it when I'd walk past it. I wasn't feeling any of it.

I have had wonderful results in the past with vision boards, but they were very focused and the intentions and hopes were very clear. Not this time.

Here is an deliberately blurry photo of the canvas "before".

This was after I'd pulled off as much of the images as I could.

I wanted to just cover over the whole thing with a few papers that I like. I wanted to give it a fresh start.

This canvas is much bigger than any I've ever tried to work with before -- it is 24" x 30" --
I am used to working so much smaller.

I'm pretty excited to see what happens with it.

I tried to choose neutral colors so they wouldn't disrupt whatever will be added later...but mostly I just pulled paper I like a lot that I haven't used in a while.

I slathered gel medium all over the entire canvas, applied the papers, added more gel medium, added more layers of paper, covered up wording, covered up parts of the old images, left some of the color around the edges to show through the first layer of paper.


Now it can just hang on my studio wall by the door and dry. I think I might keep putting it back up there throughout the entire project.

I will leave the wire on the back where it is, even though I will most likely try to use it in the vertical position.
When I repurpose these old vision boards I try to turn them totally in a different direction with the new project.

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