Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012/365 - Day 39 part 4

he's turning antelope (I really think so...)

Well...I dunno. Here is is just before I started working on him again.

I thickened his neck, lessened the gap between his neck and his hump, shaped his head and nose.

I think he is turning antelope-ish. I don't really want him to stay antelope-ish.

I tried to make the horn on my left (facing him) look twisty.
This is the front view.

It sort of worked...back view.

Yeah, it sort of worked. My back is kind of killing right now so I am done for the night. If I really hate the horn tomorrow I can always just put another layer on and make them both very thick.

I like the shape and tilt of his head, though (from the back).

(part of me thinks it looks like a slipping down hornwarmer)

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