Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012/365 - Day 88

outlining the bull guy

This is canvas #7. I am not sure that I will finish canvas #7 and canvas #8 in time to photograph them and send in an email submission for the deadline (on Friday) for an upcoming local juried show. I hope I make it -- but even if I don't, I am really really enjoying these two collages. I really love the characters. Since I am working towards possibly entering these for a show, this post will be the last one until I find out what happens.

So I outlined the bull guy in Neutral Gray so that it doesn't show up too much in the finished collage, but so I can see it enough to work on the image.

Here is the top of his head...two little horns, that is an ear (dark blue) to the right and an eyebrow on the lower left area of his forehead.

Here is a detail of his right eye (well, "right" as in looking at the canvas).

Here is his sweet little muzzle with nostrils.

And here is the overall view.

I think I want to make his jacket pretty decorative -- like a quasi-military coat with epaulets. He isn't in the military, it is just fashion...or something.

I think I will name my bull guy a nod to the person who took the photo I am using as reference.

I hope I finish these in time for the deadline. Then I can start the fretting it/sweating it process waiting to see if my stuff gets accepted.

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