Monday, March 12, 2012

2012/365 - Day 72

working on canvas #6

Hmmm...I thought I had already done a progress post about beginning to cover canvas #6...but I can't seem to find it. If there is one, I guess this is a recap along with tonight's work.

Okay -- this is the canvas as it looked on the day I brought it home from Salvation Army. I loathe that background color. It reminds me of the old "seamist green" by Crayola.

This canvas is a whopping 30" x 40" and it is the largest I have ever tried to work with.

The paint has some areas of texture, but I don't think they will show up under the papers.

The first thing I did (a few days ago) was to cover up as much of the seamist green as I could. I just used a white unryu paper because I have a lot of it on hand.

Then I started tearing up some of the new papers I got from Hollander's.

This was the end of the first layer.

On another afternoon I added a few more bits of green shades with inclusions. It is hard to tell from the photos, but you can see through a lot of the paper.

I wasn't seeing anything except a somewhat disturbing giant rabbit creature, so I left it for a day or two.

Tonight I was tired of walking by the rabbit so I turned the canvas the other way. I could faintly see something so I wanted to put more papers on to see if it would come through more.

I tried to lighten things up a bit with some yellow unryu paper, but it got lost in the original flowers.

I was able to see what I thought I was seeing emerging through the layers, though. I consciously tried to tear some papers and add to the outline because I needed to tone down the original flowers but I still needed to leave some for background.

And this is how it is looking tonight. I think it is some kind of horse-like guy. The guides were not around tonight, I was on my own...LOL.

I will let it dry for a day or so and see what I think of it later.

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