Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2012/365 - Day 81

beginning again

I submitted three pieces (two collages and one plaster cloth guy) for consideration to a local juried show today. I am very pleased to have finished early this time -- for the first time -- not exactly on the deadline day. Now it is time to start on two other canvases that are already in progress/process to see if I like them enough to submit to another upcoming juried show.

Both of these two canvases came from the Salvation Army store. They are both rubber stamped on the backs with "Artistic Interiors, Inc." and a certification number, attesting that they are original oil paintings. They are dated 1977. They were framed in a similar fashion but with different colors.

This is canvas #7, "before".

This is after I added papers to the painting and while it was very wet with matte medium.

This is how it looks today...ready to be "read".

I have been reading it/looking at it for a while and can't see anything yet. I may need to add more random paper shapes.

This is canvas #8, "before".

This is its very wet stage.

After reading this one for a bit, I think I may be seeing something.

If I get these done before the deadline date and I like how they turn out I will submit them for consideration. If not -- that will be okay, too...because I wasn't even aware of the upcoming show until this morning.

I wonder what is going to emerge from these layers?

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