Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2012/365 - Day 81 -- part two

adding more paper to canvas #7 and canvas #8 -- (and a sneak peek)

I decided that both pieces needed more paper. I was finding a few characters in each canvas, but they were all small sized guys. I need a larger "star".

Here are the papers I tore up (and some extra) for use on canvas #7.

How #7 is looking as it is drying on the wall in the drying spot.

It is kind of amazing to me how much different these look when the matte medium dries the layers together.

Canvas #8 with its new paper bits.

I think I was really disliking the brown paint in the background.

Canvas #8 is also drying on the wall.

Oh -- and here is one last sneak peek at one of the pieces I submitted today. I tightened up a couple of outline lines and painted in the teefers and tongue.

I LOVE this guy -- he is NFS.

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