Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2012/365 - Day 67

WHAT a day!

It started out this morning at 9:00 with a run to the gas station and bank, then at 9:30 it was another Wednesday Morning at Joan's with Joan and Leann and Scout...with a special guest appearance by Ben.

Joan worked on a design for a commissioned quilt. Leann worked on a box and then on her art quilt. I worked on some ATC's then my art quilt.

At noon we had to break it up and go on our merry ways.

From Joan's I went home, dropped off my stuff, and called Ruth. We went to lunch at Deadwood Bar and Grill -- wow -- it was deeeeeelish! And we had enough left over to bring home for dinner. Ruth had a NY strip steak and I had buffaloaf.

Next it was on to Ann Arbor for a trip to the most amazing paper store in the universe -- Hollander's.

Hollander's has every imaginable paper in every imaginable color you could ever want. It is just mind blowing. These pictures do not do it justice -- you really need to go there and see for yourself.

The staff are so wonderful and patient and helpful -- it is just a joy to shop there.

I just love this display rack. I want one for my studio!

The stack of papers in the foreground is mine. The one in the background is Ruth's...she had just started her pile.

All of the paper I bought is for future collages and repurposed canvases. Maybe some will be used on plaster cloth guys. I allowed myself ONE piece on non-collage paper...I think I may re-work my ATC's for this month (the ones with the circle theme...maybe not). I just counted my haul...I got 45 sheets of collage paper and the one non.

I am too wiped out to go through and write down all the different kinds of paper but I am sure I will mention specifics as I use them. A few of the sheets are color variations of paper I already have. I am SO excited with all of them!

Then Ruth and I went to The Treasure Mart -- a gigantic thrift shop/resale shop wonderland of stuff.

I was looking for canvases in frames to work luck this time...but I DID get this great piece. It will be perfect for a base for a plaster cloth guy!

And I HAD to get these great wacky motion toys. I have a couple of snakes in my collection, but none like this one -- such great action! And I have never seen a crocodile like this -- plus he's on wheels!

Then Ruth and I went to the Salvation Army Store in Canton.

I hit the jackpot when I found these three was Wednesday so seniors (55+) get a 33% discount! Woo hoo!

This gallery wrapped painting is a whopping 30" x 40" -- that is going to take a LOT of collage paper and gel medium!

This floral painting in a nice frame is about 11" x 16".

So is this landscape...and this frame is also pretty nice.

After the Salvation Army Store Ruth mentioned there was a Goodwill Store just a short distance away. We thought "oh what the heck, we're almost there anyway" so we headed over there. On the way, we crossed over the street to go to the Red Twig Gallery in Plymouth. I have been wanting to go there but Ruth wasn't sure if they'd still be open (it was about 20 after 5). She thought she had the phone number of the gallery in her phone, but she didn't and for whatever reason directory assistance couldn't find the number so we said okay...we are really nearly at Goodwill now...let's just go and look and then drive by Red Twig on the way home and maybe the phone number is on their sign.

Well -- as we pulled closer to Red Twig Gallery Ruth said the "open" sign was lit and it looked like there were some people inside. YAY! Guess who one of the people was -- LEANN! I was going there in hopes of finding one of Leann's voodoo pieces that I have been wanting ever since I first saw it.

This is not where this fantastic piece will be permanently, but I wanted to get a decent photo tonight.

This is Bosou. He is in a wooden shoe.

Here is the info from his placard: Bosou is the three horned bull, he is temperamental and unpredictable. A meat eater by nature, he is a spirit that encompasses male virility. He will protect those that travel at night.

I just LOVE this guy. I will find him the perfect place in my house and all who gaze upon him will also become enthralled.

Oh -- and what a delightful place Red Twig Gallery is! Such lovely items. Such lovely ladies! I want to go back again when I am not all shopped out!

Gosh -- what a GREAT day...a very long day for me...but such a wonderful time with great friends. The weather was perfect, not a whole lot of traffic, just an all 'round marvelous time!


williamhessian said...

sounds like a great productive day. great energy! i am working on my northville proposal as i write this.
i also wonder how you got the 55+ discount, dont you have to be older than 55?

Took said...

I'm 58, William...LOL.

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