Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012/365 - Day 213

more fun at the Northville Art House

Suzanne and I had our days messed up -- we are meeting on Wednesday night to work on the top secret plans/project...not tonight...which freed up my day again so I was able to go back to the Northville Art House and help with day two of intake for the Thoughts With Thread exhibition that opens on Friday.  

On my way in, I stopped to marvel at the newest additions to the yarn bombing and take some photos.
Here are a few:

 You can see all of the additions to my Facebook album HERE.

While the Art House was closed during July, I emptied out the Art-o-mat machine and unplugged it.

Today it was time to refill it and plug it back in!

Yep -- time to start August now.  Carla is back from her European vacation, Greeny is restocked and waiting patiently for people to come and get some great original art for $5, and there is a wonderful new exhibition for First Friday!

IN the Art-o-mat machine at the Northville Art House for the month of August:
  • Paintings by Maija Peeples-Bright
  • Lil' Woodies lucky wooden coins by Laurelle Conte Moon
  • Photographic study of horses by Missy Gaido Allen
  • Fiber collages by Sharon Benton
  • Hankie Pankie screen printed handkerchiefs by Woodie Anderson
  • Animal People collages by Took Gallagher
  • Handmade one-of-a-kind blank books by Judy Sullens & Sue Clancy
  • Stoneware folk art animals with tiny accessories by Joyce Lyman
  • Folk Art paintings by Mike Filippello -- very limited/only four available
Go and see what's new at the Northville Art House this month --and say "hello!" to Carla and Joan !

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