Monday, July 9, 2012

2012/365 - Day 191

knitting progress

Remember that "Embellish-Knit!" that I was so excited about a couple of days ago -- the gadget that makes the yarn rope and you just thread it and then crank the handle until you are done and the little machine does all of the work?

Well, when I ran out of the test/practice yarn that is included with the gadget I tried other yarn(s) that I bought and a couple that I already had.  No go.  I went back to Joann Fabric and returned the first batch of yarn and bought some really cool multicolored cotton yarn(s) because I really loved them and the colors, and because I figured they would work in the little gadget...according to the list of suggested yarns.  Uh-uh.  I tried and tried.  I tried again.  I went online and did troubleshooting.  Tried again.  Uh-uh.  

So today I packed it all up and took it back to Joann Fabrics for a trade-in.  They were very nice and took it back and let me get a new one (which was my idea, they were ready to give me a refund).  While I was there I also picked up a pink plastic gadget that is similar to the old kind I had as a kid but in a new modernized version.  It works just fine!

The new replacement "Embellish-Knit!" won't work with the cotton yarn(s) either.  I am going to keep it, though -- I still really like it.  I just need to get a little bit of schooling on yarn(s).  I am sure it will work just fine with the right kinds.

SO --  Here are a few photos of my progress so far:

This is the actual knitting I've been doing with that original skein of red yarn.

The piece is 13 inches across (40 stitches) and 18 inches long -- so far!

This is the new gadget.  I like it because it has two different sizes you can make.  I will try the larger one with the next rope.

It is working really well...but my hand needs a break.  I want to keep going because it is so satisfying to just have the rope get longer and longer...but really I need to stop for tonight.

I really like this!

 So far this rope is 30 inches long!


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