Thursday, July 5, 2012

2012/365 - Day 187

choosing two pieces for my submission to the upcoming show

Today has been spent re-shooting Ruth's two pieces because I didn't like how the photos turned out and I wanted to do a good job for her.  I also needed to make a decision about my submission(s).

I am relatively happy with the collage that I added the shadows to...repurposed canvas #8 is now titled "Time for a Nap" because the llama lady looks kind of dazed and the little donkey boy is pretty sleepy...I like it for me, I like it for itself.  I seriously doubt it will make the cut but I still want to submit it.  Maybe it will look better (to me) once it is framed.  The decision I made was to not try to force any more of my non-painter painting "skills" on the foxish-creature at this time.  I am not feeling confident enough about it yet.  I really love the foxish-creature himself and I don't want to mess him up.  I want to practice more on shadows and shading...using William's suggestions.  I know this will be something that keeps coming up for me to have to do and I need to practice to learn how to do it.  It is just that simple. 

Since this is a show of collage, assemblage and "construction art",  I really wanted to submit a 3D piece, too.   Baby Beast really embodies the idea of construction art...he has so many different elements and materials inside of him...he has gone through so many different transformations...I think he really fits this show.  Baby Beast is my second submission.

This afternoon was a long process of choosing photographs for the cd.  I took about a million Baby Beast photos when I first completed him.  You have to include at least 2 images of a 3D piece for this show...I ended up with a few more than 2.

It probably wasn't necessary, but I blurred out my personal info on the entry form and cd for the blog picture.

This evening Peggy dropped off her cd/entry form and Joan will bring hers by tomorrow morning sometime.  Sue is coming over to help me pick up a new used chair from Ferndale in the morning and then I will mail all of our entries in one package.  Leann already sent hers in earlier in the week.  Fingers crossed we all get something in -- but no matter what, a bunch of us will make a day trip out to Lowell during the run of the show to visit that lovely little town and view the exhibit.  And (wishful thinking) wouldn't it be great if we all had to go back for the Closing Reception and awards?

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