Thursday, July 26, 2012

and the new baby cat is named

Muscled, black with steel green eye 
Swishing through the rye grass 
With thoughts of mouse and apple pie 
Tail balancing at half mast 
And the mouse police never sleeps 

Lying in the cherry tree 
Savage bed foot warmer 
Of purest feline ancestry 
Look out, little furry folk 
He's the all night working cat
Eats but one in every ten 
Leaves the others on the mat 
And the mouse police never sleeps

Waiting by the cellar door 
Window box town crier 
Birth and death registrar

With claws that rake a furrow red 
Licensed to mutilate 
From warm milk on a lazy day 
To dawn patrol on hungry hate 
No, the mouse police never sleeps 

Climbing on the ivy 
Windy roof top weathercock 
Warm blooded night on a cold tile 

The mouse police never sleeps 
The mouse police never sleeps 
The mouse police never sleeps...

Ian Anderson is a cat lover...especially black cats.  I have loved Jethro Tull since the first note of the first song I ever heard.  This song expresses cats so well.  Mr. Anderson has written several songs about his dear black cats.

My new baby cat's name is Tull.


Leann said...

Love it.

miss_peggy_artist said...

LOVE THE NAME !!! and the photo !!!
always loved Jethro Tull although haven't listened to it in 40 some years . . .

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