Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2012/365 - Day 185

working on collages

Shoot -- I missed my midnight deadline by 10 minutes!
Ruth came over tonight and we worked on the collages we are submitting for consideration in an upcoming show.  Tomorrow I will photograph them for the cds and we will fill out the paperwork and on Thursday I will mail the cds in. 

And yes...I still have more work to do on the foxish-creature.

This is a freestanding gallery wrapped work of art by Ruth.

Ruth had another whole section she was going to add to this wonderful collage but we both agreed the new addition was better as a separate piece on its own...and this collage is perfect the way it is.

After sitting with Ruth's collages for a while, I feel like  I don't even want to submit mine...I realize our styles are totally different...but hers seem so much more like Art to me than mine do.  I'm not putting mine down -- I really like mine -- it is just that Ruth's are so composed and complete.  Just lovely.

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