Monday, July 23, 2012

2012/365 - Day 205

DONE with my part of the knitting and making for the upcoming surprise project

I had a whole lot of fun making the ropes with the spool loom and Embellish-Knit! machine and knitting the scarfy thing.  And today I finished the snake's eyes and face.  I am anxious to see how it all comes together later this week!

 What I made:  (sizes approximate)
1 red rope/5-peg  39 ft 6 in
1 rose rope/Embellish-Knit!  2 ft 7 in
1 rose rope/Embellish-Knit!  2 ft 3 in
1 orange/yellow rope/8-peg  12 ft
1 blue/purple/charteuse rope/5-peg  11 ft 6 in
1 multi-colored rope/5-peg  11 ft  6 in
1 green rope/5-peg   4 ft
1 red scarfy thing/knitted with needles  6 ft

1 snake put together with a donated scarf from Ruth, floaty swimming pool bopper thing and plastic containers  -- 
5 ft  6in including head and tail

I wanted to make the snake's eyes from yellow or white poker chips with holes drilled in -- like giant buttons.  I thought I had some but I didn't.  I decided I didn't want to purchase a set of poker chips so I looked around in the studio stash and finally found these round wooden tuit coins.  I drilled them and they worked great!  I think I got them from a stash trade with Anita or Juana.

I flipped the coins over and I liked the circular won't be able to read them from a distance anyway.

Then I decided it still looked too plain.

I added the yellow wooden beads as nostrils with green embroidery floss. 

Then I added some of the yellow/orange cotton thread-like yarn in a sort of circle outline of the eye and sewed it on with yellow floss.

 Then I thought he needed a mouth so I folded over the leftover yarn and knotted it at the sides and sewed it on with yellow floss.

I decided I didn't like the green floss on the nostrils and switched it with yellow floss.

This all took longer than it probably looks...all the while I was chiding myself that I didn't know how to do it...then I quit fussing and just did it.

This is what the tail end looks like.  I braided the fringe together and sewed it together.

This is what they look like all together -- for now.  I am getting excited for the actual project!!!

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