Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012/365 - Day 190

trying to turn a roly poly chime ball bearish guy into a lamby/goaty guy

I need to make a lamby/goaty guy for a baby shower present.  I hope I can turn this bearish guy into a goaty/lamby guy...he's already got a Fisher Price roly poly chime ball for a tummy.
I know...I could I possibly have known way back when I put this guy together that I'd want to eventually try to change him into a goaty/lamby?  Well, I didn't but apparently my Universal collaborators did!

This is just the first try...I am sure there will be many, many, MANY more changes before I get the plaster cloth out.  

This is what I started out with.  I could never get this guy to balance so I put him on the "save it for later" shelf.

This is the chime ball that I gave to my niece when she was teensy...I love the sound it makes.

Oh hey...I have two sets of wooden pieces that match...they are just waiting to be legs.

I like the way these legs curve like big hooves.

I also like how tall these legs make the guy.

But both sets of legs have next to no surface that matches the curve of the ball.  I could probably put them on one at a time and fill in the gaps with plaster cloth...

...but wait -- an empty roll of tape holds him pretty he has a little more surface to work with.

Better yet...this cylinder thing...but it really makes him too tall.  Good idea though to hold the ball.

Oh my...that stripey wooden bowl is perfect!

I am using tightly wadded up plastic bags and packing material to build the head/face.

Okay -- this looks very much like a long nosed bear.  

Gotta make a wedge shape for the head and nose and cover up those bear ears...I don't think I can saw them off.

Making a baby goaty/lamby forehead...wide wedge.

Looks like bandages...LOL

It is a little hard to tell from this photo, but he is looking a bit like a goaty/lamby.   I need to tighten up the nose and make it pointier and try to even out the overall outline of the forehead and the shape of his wedge.

Okay...the ears dilemma.  In the photo I am looking at as reference the baby goat has long, HUGE ears.  I cut the cardboard down quite a bit...but I think these make him look a little donkeyish.

This is a little closer to lamby (I think).

Looking down on the head you can see the wedge better.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...this is just the very first attempt at this guy.  There will be many more changes.

But I am relatively pleased with the transformation so far.

I wonder if you'll still be able to hear the chime ball...I sure hope so.  When I shake it with the guy in the bowl you can still hear it -- we'll see...

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