Monday, July 30, 2012

2012/365 - Day 212

crunch time

If you've ever looked around at my blog you probably noticed several things:
  • my "plans" change several times...okay, a LOT...during pretty much every project
  • I don't sketch very often (even though I mean to)
  • even with the best intentions, things often don't get completed until the very last second
  • I am generally as surprised by the end results as anyone else is 
  • I rarely have something turn out in real life the way it looks in my head
With all of that in mind, I am still working towards the baby shower gift.

Suzanne and I had planned on getting together tonight and working on a super secret project.  However -- Suzanne was wiped out from teaching a class today and I am wiped out from a double whammy: having to return Fitz to the Humane Society (and the emotion surrounding my decision -- although I know he is much happier back at the Humane Society) plus I have been out of the samples of my new/old medication for a couple of days now and wow -- I really notice it this time.  I guess I really DO need to get my own prescription of it...I was actually feeling pretty good for a short while there and didn't even realize it!

OKAY -- here are a couple of sort of sketches...but rest assured the end result will most likely not bear much resemblance to these photos.

(Oh...And I didn't just slack off today...aside from taking Fitz back "home", I put in some cool volunteer time at the Northville Art House this morning...doing intake of artists' work for the upcoming fiber exhibit that opens this Friday.)

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