Sunday, July 22, 2012

yes...MORE cat pics

I can't help it...I had to blog this.

I put both cats in the bedroom so that I could go in and out of the house several times without worrying about somebody sliding by me.  Twink (as you may remember) doesn't mind this at all.  Apparently Fitz doesn't either...he did come from a no-cage multi cat room at the HSLC.

When I put them in the bedroom, Twink walked right into the room.  I carried Fitz in and let him jump onto the bins like Twink normally does.  I didn't hear a peep from them the whole time...about an hour and a half.  When I opened the door I expected to see Twink on the bed and that I would have to coax Fitz out from under the bed.


Fitz had made himself a little sleeping compartment inside of my comforter.  I went out quickly to get my camera but when I came back in the room he was coming out of the sleepy spot.

Twink was on the bed (as usual).

Fitz seemed pretty pleased with his sleepy spot.

And he was all lovey and rubby and sweet.

He jumped over to the bed and plopped down.  Twink didn't even move.

Yep...this is the right cat for us!

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