Thursday, July 5, 2012

2012/365 - Day 186

HOT weather and Magic: the Gathering

It was really hot and humid today.  My house has next to no insulation and none in the ceiling for most of the house.  In the late afternoon when the sun is on the front of my house (west) it is like an oven until the sun goes down and the outside of the house starts to cool down.

That being said...

Juana came over late this afternoon to look at M:tG cards that William brought for us.  She took quite a number of them -- yay!  Devon will get to go through the remainder and I know there will be cards she will be interested in.  Just before we played our first game Ruth came over to fill out the paperwork for her submissions for that upcoming exhibit.  I did nothing artwise today except soak up some very thoughtful and kind comments from Juana about my collages.  

I've said it before in the blog and I'm saying it again tonight...sometimes thinking and talking is just as important as doing/making.  It is healing.  It replenishes.  It connects and reconnects you.  Tonight was really good...and -- since M:tG was involved -- there were some damn goofy giggly times as well.

Juana took this many of the cards that William brought for us.

This is what Devon will get to look through -- plus a bunch of cards that are ready to go into the huge stash boxes.

Poor Twink.  It was 82 degrees in the house tonight -- even with the air conditioning running.  The air was so hot and heavy.  He was walking around complaining loudly and dropping down onto various floor surfaces to try to cool off.

Then he did an abbreviated version of his walking around on the table while we are looking through the cards thing.

He knocked over Juana's pile of cards...

...then headed over to my end of the table and plopped down and stretched out...looking at Juana upside down.

Good thing he's sweet and cute.

Then he got ready to pour himself over the edge of the table.

Poor's never been this hot in the house before.

And this is actually how long he is!  He is like a ferret.

Juana's Kithkin & Gargoyles vs my Minotaurs and Crows.  It got pretty epic for a while -- but Juana won at the very end.

It was a really good night.  Juana hasn't come out to play Magic in a while.  It is always a giggly blast.

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Leann said...

Twink was turning into liquid.

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