Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012/365 - Day 192

more knitting progress

Today I have been plugging away at the knitting project(s).  I am really enjoying them, especially the colorful yarn ropes made with the Provo Craft Spool Loom with Hook.

I am not usually a big fan of the color red -- but this scarf-ish knitted piece is really luscious.

Today I added another 12" of work to it.

Last night when I posted the blog entry this yarn rope was a mere 30" long...I worked on it until I went to bed and added another 18".

Today, though...wow.  Today when I stopped (mostly because it was becoming too unmanageable) it is a whopping 12 FEET long!  I had to coil it up and tie it to be able to work on it.


I really love the colors of this cotton yarn.  And the Provo Craft Spool Loom makes it SO easy to make even stitches and it is so fast, too!

I am not kidding...this yarn rope is twelve FEET long.

I wanted to try out the larger end of the Spool Loom.  This side has 8 pegs instead of 5.  It was a little more difficult to get the rope going in the beginning...it didn't want to be pulled/tugged with every stitch, but I got it to cooperate after a while.  It would probably be easier with a different yarnier yarn...rather than this cotton stuff that I really like.

This takes longer than the smaller side, so I've only got 23" done so far tonight.  Plus, you have to stop and tug the rope with every stitch with this cotton yarn with this end of the loom.

Here are the three ropes side by side.  The two on the outsides are made with the Provo Craft Spool Loom with Hook.  The middle rose colored rope is made with the "Embellish-Knit!" spool loom that has the crank/handle and four moving needles.  The middle rope is also a yarnier yarn.

I am having a great time making these!

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Fibra Artysta said...

I wonder if wool yarn would work better on the one where you crank the handle. Cotton yarn has no stretch which is why I can't knit with it, kills my hands. But wool is very springy and forgiving.

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