Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012/365 - Day 183

working on two collages for a deadline

I will be working on these two collages tonight...they are meant for an upcoming juried collage/assemblage/construction art exhibit.  The postmark deadline for the submission CD is July 6.  I will definitely make the deadline but I don't know how far I will get tonight.

There are several reasons why I am posting this blog right now.  
  • I started new medication and it is still kicking my butt.
  • I keep nodding off while I am trying to!
  • I fell (hard) again last night -- tripping (again) on the step up from the tv area and up into the kitchen and onto the ceramic tile floor
  • I am worried I will miss my midnight posting deadline if I don't at least make a temporary blog entry now with this post
While William Hessian was here he gave me a mini lesson on how to make the characters in these two collages stand out from the backgrounds.  He didn't go into shading overall...just specifics for these made things much easier for me and for him (in narrowing down what he needed to try to show me).

These are my materials and projects for tonight.

(Whoa -- I just nodded off again -- sheesh!)

This is William's specific example for me.  It shows the fox-creature's nose, neck, and shoulders.

I hope to add to (or edit) this post much later on tonight.  Ha -- wish me luck on staying awake and alert in long enough stretches to get something done!

1 comment:

William Hessian said...

i hope the fall didnt do too much damage. i cannot wait to see how these pieces progress. I should have shown you how to auto upload blog posts!

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