Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012/365 - Day 211

sadly...a change of plans for the baby shower gift

I will need to make something else for the baby shower gift.  Both of these plaster cloth lamby/goaty-like guys are going to require much too much work to get either one of them done in time.  I have another idea for a gift I can make and I hope it will be something they like.

Today I wanted to insert arms into the body of the creature (now no longer a lamby/goaty).  This sort of thing worked pretty well when I added the "antlers/horns" to the Atomic Fireball Happy Hour guy.

This morning has been spent drilling little close together holes into the sides of the creature.  I know there is probably a safer, easier way to do this but this is all I could think of this morning.  After drilling the little holes I was able to slide that saw in and cut the rest of the way around.  Then I cut off two sections from one of the old Studio Snake sections that already had plaster cloth and gesso on it and inserted them into the new arm holes.  I will either add another arm section or just hands -- I haven't decided yet. 

Oh yeah...I forgot to mention I got a first layer of plaster cloth on this guy last night.  I had a lot of trouble with re-shaping the face into a flatter wedge to resemble a goaty -- I thought I'd be able to hold the shape tightly for a minute or two until the plaster cloth hardened a little but this guy was just not having it.  The surrounding plaster cloth started to pull away from the rest of the head and neck, so I had to give up on that idea.  IF this gets goatier, I will have to add on and then the head will get even bigger...the snowman effect...not sure I want that.

Now I need to clean up all the little bits of shredded plastic from the drilling...LOL  (Oh -- the green glow in the first few pics comes from the green walls and bad lighting in the studio bathroom -- there was a handy electrical outlet in there.)

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