Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012/365 - Day 200

wow -- day 200!

It is a little hard to believe it is the 200th day of the year already...where does the time go?

This morning was another delightful Wednesday Morning at Joan's with Leann and Joan and Scout with guest appearances by Alex (and a friend of Alex's whose name I can't recall) and Ben.

Here is how it looked at Joan's kitchen table this morning...busy busy hands!

Later...back in my studio...

Scarf + floaty swimming pool bopper thing =...

... = snake!

The scarf was generously donated to the project by Ruth.

I already had an extra floaty swimming pool bopper thing.

I was really having trouble finding something to make his head with that could stand up to the elements but not get soaked and pull through the yarn.  I found some plastic containers in my plaster cloth supplies stash.

Now I need to figure out his face. 

I think his eyes need to be about the size of a cat toy ball.

Joan took some of the yarn from this skein for some pieces for the project she was working on but there is still about a quarter of the skein left to go.  I am determined to finish it off tonight -- considering I have done ALL of the beginning of this rope today!  It is incredibly long already but I haven't measured it...we stretched it from Joan's table this morning.  I will measure it when it is done.

1 comment:

Leann said...

That scarf is perfect for a snake!

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