Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2012/365 - Day 193

Wednesday Morning at Joan's

It was another delightful get together this morning at Joan's house.

Such a colorful table FULL of things!

Leann found this wonderful dress at a thrift store and ...

... embroidered a Day of the Dead skull around the flowers.  The stitches are so even!

Lovely...and so Leann.

Joan made these super soft and colorful pompoms -- they are really really cool!

Joan also started knitting a purple piece for the upcoming project.  She added a length of bright chartreuse yarn and made a wonderful stripe in it.

I worked on the 8-peg larger rope I started yesterday.  

It got incredibly long incredibly quickly.  I didn't feel like unraveling it and measuring it right now...but it is LONG.

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