Sunday, July 22, 2012

yes...MORE more cat pics...a follow up report

same room, same cats, a bit later...and they didn't even move

This cracked me up -- I couldn't believe it.  I left the bedroom door open when I walked away from the cats earlier and they were in my bedroom.

(If you didn't see the previous blog post look HERE FIRST -- this post is a follow up report)

I just now came back out to check on them and they went back to bed again!  I crept out quietly and grabbed my camera...they barely moved when I was taking these funny!

Twink is the black spot on my bed...Fitz is the white dot on the black spot inside the sage green comforter in the background.

I got closer...they didn't even care...ha ha ha.

Fitz in his sleepy spot.

Even more tucked in. little Twinkle Pants.

Fitz was aware that I was in the room.  He was doing that kneading-thing with his paw.

closed paw

cute shot he goes...closed paw...

YOW -- open paw!

I haven't lived with a cat with front claws before.


Woodie said...

glad they are getting along, they look like family! RE: front claws, we've had a couple cats with scratching "problems" (really - I was the one who had a problem with them destroying my furniture, they seemed fine with it.) and have been using softpaws claw covers. It doesn't stop the scratching, but it does reduce the amount of damage they can do. Just thought I'd mention it, if you run into any SNAGS. :-)

Took said...

Thanks, Woodie!

I am not at all concerned about the furniture...I worry more about the inevitable pill time(s) and/or if someone besides me has to handle him if I am not available. He is pretty mellow and tolerant.

I was looking at those Soft Paws things -- and I was planning on discussing them with his vet this morning.

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