Monday, July 16, 2012

2012/365 - Day 198

finished the red scarfy thing!

I had to go to YouTube and find a video to show me/remind me how to bind off, but I did it!  I finished the red scarfy thing for the upcoming project.  Much more details when available. 

Yahoo -- now I am going to make more ropes...enough knitting for me!

Also today...

Ruth and I went over to our really wonderful and helpful and friendly ACE Hardware.  She needed to return a little fan and I needed to get holes drilled in these two wooded balls.

There was already a partial hole for a screw but I need to have them drilled all the way through and then I wanted to countersink the screw.

 I used to have a countersink and I used to know how to do it...but not anymore.  And that might have been for nails vs screws.

ANYway...the people at ACE were great.  The guy used their little drill press and drilled the holes then figured a way to countersink the screw without a countersink by using two larger sized drill bits and drilling out teensy tiny pieces.  If I had done it on my own I would've split the wood and/or sent the wooden ball flying when the drill bit touched it.  

Now I will be able to use the balls as feet at the end of legs for a creature!  Coming soon.

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