Friday, July 6, 2012

2012/365 - Day 188

getting a new/used chair, mailing our entries, and hanging some art

Part One:  This morning Sue drove me in her truck to pick up a recliner for Twink's room/the new sitting room.  

Twink's room was pretty bare and really needed something soft for him to land on for those occasions when he jumps directly down from the catwalk instead of taking the stairs like he should.

I used to be a volunteer for The Detroit Derby Girls.

Sass Knuckles (Detroit Derby Girls / Pistol Whippers) and her family had a yard sale over last weekend and on the first day she (due to the weather) she was only able to tell about some of the items on Facebook.  She mentioned several things, including a recliner.  Later in the day she posted a photo of it and it looked like it would be a great fit for Twink's room.  She saved it for me and Sue and I picked it up today.  It is perfect!  

This room is pretty small and has a fairly narrow doorway and then you have to navigate the stairs to the loft as soon as you enter the room.

This chair is the perfect size!  

Twink checked it out immediately.   

I wasn't sure if he'd like it because it rocks...

He likes it.

You can tell when Twink is really happy because he flips around on the floor -- I call it floor dancing.

He loves this chair.

Yep -- this chair is a winner for us!!!

Part Two:  The deadline for that upcoming Collage/Assemblage/Construction Art show is today.  Leann already mailed her entry earlier in the week.  Peggy,  Joan,  Ruth and I all sent ours together in one package.  I put Ruth's cd together yesterday and I also did mine yesterday.  Last evening Peggy dropped hers off.  Today while I was out picking up the chair, Joan dropped hers off in my non-mail mailbox.  

It probably wasn't really necessary, but I put some cardboard on each end of the stack of cds for some support.

This is the show we are submitting our cds to.

YAY -- ready to go!

When I got back from the post office I phoned the LowellArts! center to let them know the package was coming with four entries in it.  I also told the lady on the phone that another friend had sent hers in already.  The lady on the phone sounded really happy that so many out-of-their-local-area entries were being submitted.

Part Three:  I felt like I needed to add some art to the room now that there was a new chair.

I have to admit that in this heat (this is the time of day when the house is really HOT even with the a/c on) I only did "for now" fixes for the art I put on the walls.  I did a decent job, but really it is only a temporary fix.  I will re-do them later as I add more art to the room.  But for now...

I put "Time for a Nap" into the frame that the canvas came in when I got it from Salvation Army.  I used another piece to get the gist of the hardware placement (Leann did that one a while back).

I may alter this frame, so I only put on two offset clips to hold the canvas in is actually pretty secure.  I didn't feel like pulling out the electric drill so I just put in one screw in each of the wire hook things.  I also didn't do a permanent job on the wire.  But for now it is really good.

Twink ran up to the loft ahead of me and did his daredevil act that worries the bejeebers outta me.

Ahhhh...a new chair and a new piece of art!

And yes, I do like the collage better now that it is in a frame.
Ha ha ha.

I put some tacks in the wall to see if this is where I wanted to hang these three collages. 

Twink played in and out of the house on the catwalk.  He is checking on his octo-mouse toy up there.

I actually did measure the first hook thing, then I used the others as a guide for the ones that were close enough.  I measured the outside ones.

Again, I don't think this is a permanent thing for these wonderful collages.  I will fix them better later on down the road.

Hey -- not bad for eyeballin' it!

You know how much I hate to paint?  Well I hate to measure and hang even more.

 These are those three beautiful constellation collages that artist (and fellow Art-o-mat host) Bonnie Pfingst made.  I got them at her Tiny Studio in Kalamazoo during the return trip home when Ruth and I took that road trip out to South Haven for other Art-o-mat opening reception.

I LOVE these three collages!  Here they are up close:

In my grouping this is the one on the left.

This is the one in the middle.

And this is the one on the right.

After I had taken the photos of Bonnie's collages, I turned around and there was Twink -- in the new chair.

I think this room is going to turn out really good.

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