Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012/365 - Day 204

I am SO pleased with the way things have turned out!

I was hoping Twink would chill out enough to realize that he is still Number One...he kept walking by Fitz and me (Fitz was up a little higher on my lap) then when Fitz moved down to my legs, Twink jumped onto "his" spot.


It was hard to get a better shot -- my arms are too short to hold the camera any farther away and still be able to push the button...LOL

How could anyone abandon this sweet cat at the shelter?

He hears something...

Just listening to all of the new sounds of the house...he hears the washing machine and dryer right now.

We are watching Adventure perfect!

I am obviously still too preoccupied and blitzed out to work on anything else right now other than enjoying getting to know our new friend Fitz.  I hope to be back on track tomorrow.

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