Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012/365 - Day 182

the transfers for this set are done!

Today and tonight I finished off the last 60 transfers of my characters to MDF blocks for my DIY edition of "Penciled In" for Art-o-mat.  That is a LOT of tracing!!!

Next up -- all of the paper parts...labels, info inserts, making little envelopes for the little colored pencils...all that stuff...then putting the stickers on the boxes...then...then...still lots to do before these are ready to ship out.

1 comment:

little viratas said...

Wow- lots of work in the last few days!!! I am working on 3 tile orders from my Etsy store...and trying to work in an edition of only 50 for art-o-mat....keeps us on our toes huh!!! :)

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