Sunday, June 3, 2012

2012/365 - Day 155

filling the well

I first heard that term in a classroom setting of Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way".  I think I may have always been relying on something along those lines -- but without that term -- for most of my life, certainly for the last 10 years or so.  Being a major Capricorn I tend to really love/need repetition, routine and mindless activities.  For me personally, this is how I "fill the well".  

Whether it is sorting through my stash of magazines pulling out pictures for collage, doing laundry (which I love to do, btw), listening to a few songs looped one after another, going for a walk alone (which I used to love to do but physically can't do much of anymore) doesn't matter.  I have also recently discovered these ridiculously mind numbing online games like Mahjong and Scrabble and Monopoly the World Edition (that I can play with computer players instead of real people) are working in the same way.  I just kind of zone out and get into the rhythm of it.

Another way for me to fill the well is to work on a simple part of a project that requires a lot of repetitive motions...

I gathered up the materials and spread them out at my desk.

I decided today that I was going to try adding paint over the layers of tissue paper and see what happens.

First I wanted to darken around his nostrils and mouth a bit so I mixed up some white and burnt umber.

What the HECK have you gotten into young man?!?

Yeh...I didn't want to look at that mess for very long.

I chose some colors that were similar to the colors of the registration dots in the tissue.  I think when I originally base coat/color washed him before the tissue paper layers I was still using the little jars of craft paints.  Since then I have taken that leap into tube acrylics and I am much happier with them.

I also pulled out the acrylic glazing liquid (satin).  I was hoping that would allow the paint to mix together without using water because that is where I usually start running into most of my problems when I am painting.

I put the iTunes on and let it go on random play.

I didn't stop to take photos of the painting process because I was in the filling the well/rhythmic pouncing with the brush and dabbing at colors mode and mixing colors together get the idea.

For an under coat this is not so bad. 

I know it is definitely nowhere near "done" but it needs to dry before I will be able to see if I want to try more painting or more layering of tissue...or both.

The acrylic glaze really helped with the blending of the colors.

I like this particular looks like he is wearing a coat or a uniform or something.

He "cleaned up" fairly well (so far).

colors -- colors -- colors

I was trying to turn him into the light to show (myself) how he looked while he was drying.

Friendly-looking little guy with very dangerous sharp claws.

I got poked a couple of time today.

And believe it or not -- I actually cleared off my desk when I was done!

There really are areas where I keep things when I put them away.

Clear desk!

Now that I have done that little filling the well project I am feeling somewhat refreshed.  I actually want to keep going with the same sort of things today...laundry especially.  Who knows...maybe tonight my Universal collaborators will show up?

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