Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012/365 - Day 164

what a find!

This morning I attended a meeting at city hall with Joan, but on our way there we passed a house/business that had put out big cardboard tubes for recycling.  What a find!  I am so glad we were in Joan's big car and she was driving so that we were able to go around the block and let me shamble out of the car, grab them from the curb and throw them in the back seat.   Wa-hoooo!

Look at them!

They are quite like that wonderful one that Juana gave me some time ago...only these are a bit bigger around.  They are all incredibly strong and will have to be cut with a little saw.

The longest one is about 60 inches and the shortest one is about 56 inches.

Look down into the tuuuuuuuube.

Tonight I took the time to do the prep work on them, even though I wanted to just dive in with the plaster cloth. 

The only thing that short cuts and skipping steps does for me is make more work later on.  Best to do it now and get it over with...plus it is good "filling the well" stuff.

Time well spent!  

Nearly two whole rolls of masking tape later...whew!

I am very excited to have these.  Joan probably won't be happy to hear this, but I am thinking snakes.

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