Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012/365 - Day 179

a very art-full day

This morning was a glorious reunion of Wednesday Morning at Joan's...and we had a special guest -- Joan's mom, Frana.

What a lovely surprise that Frana joined us this morning!

She was excited to show us her beautiful mosaic ball.

And rightfully, so -- it is just incredible -- and Frana hasn't done mosaic work before.  Man!

Look at the wonderful little red flower and the gorgeous deep blue one...and the yellow one with the square middle.  I love the grouting, too.


And then Leann arrived!

Frana took this photo -- I love it.

Leann shared the alphabet(s) she carved.

I am so envious of Leann's carving -- and she does it ALL with an X-ACTO knife! 

I am really horrible at carving letters -- Leann is exceptionally gifted at it.

Scout is posing for today's portrait.

There is Joan's mosaic ball near the hammock.

Wow.  That is all I have to say -- wow!

Leann gave Joan that nipple you see as the center of the yellow flower.

I really want to try doing one of these.

Look at the colors and patterns on the mosaic ball when Joan brought it over to the table under the red umbrella.


Leann worked on another carving.

Could this be a partridge?

We sat outside this morning -- something I would not normally do -- but it was just so pleasant and lovely to be with my friends.  Joan smashed up another piece of pottery and started to lay out a design for another mosaic ball.  Leann worked on her carving.  I sat and soaked it all up.

Later on I went to the Northville Art House to collect art from the show that recently closed -- West of Center.  I brought home my Baby Beast and also Jon and Juana's pieces.

Baby Beast is back at home with the Cat-Creature and Chime Cat.

And when I checked the mail -- I found TWO boxes of art waiting for me!

I LOVE getting stuff in the mail -- especially art!

I purchased two sweet lolamade monsters from her Etsy shop.

These are by artist Laura Holewa.

And this one glows in the dark -- BONUS!!!

I wish I knew how to take photos of glow-in-the-dark stuff...this guy glows really bright.

And...all of this Topher-y goodness was in the other box!

This is what I won on eBay.

An etched Jack Daniels bottle...the whiskey having been personally finished off by the artist, Topher Crowder.

close up of etching


another close up

You really need to see this etched bottle in person to appreciate the details and the is just fabulous.

That wacky Topher...this was what the bottle was wrapped in.

And this was yet another bonus in the box -- I can't recall what these little creations are called...small plastic boxes with cool artifacts inside.

I first saw the boxes at Topher's show at the Northville Art House in January.  It was called "Etch, Sketch, & Stilettos:  the work of Topher Crowder".  Here is a link to the MotorCityBlog post about it.

I am still getting used to my new medication today.  For most of the day I have felt like I was wrapped in cotton batting and that my head might float off on its own.  Not a horrible feeling, I must admit, but not a good thing if you need to drive or do anything productive.  Hopefully I will adjust quickly and get some work done. (I don't know why Blogger has decided to make my lines double-spaced for the second half of this post...I can't figure out how to fix it.  Oh well.)


Pamela Patterson Reinhardt said...

I'm in love with your large 'beasty' figures. They're so friendly. It's like they're telling a story just by being there. I want one in my house :)Pam

little viratas said...

what a great day that was! lovely creations all around! :) but i must say the etched Jack bottle caught my eye...what a great piece!
good luck on the new meds! :)

Took said...

Thank You very much, Pam!

Took said...

Thanks, Casey!

Yes...that etched bottle by Topher Crowder is really amazing. I wish I could take photos to do it justice.

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