Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2012/365 - Day 178

time for William to go

Wow -- time really flew!  I can't believe William has been here for almost a whole week.  Tonight William leaves for Maine via Canada. 

Today I got to see the Miniature Art Hunt table murals before I gave them to Joan for the Art House...I hadn't unrolled them until today.  These are some of my favorite parts:

 Also today William finished up the first 50 (of 100) of the "Penciled In" mini portraits we are collaborating on for Art-o-mat.

 Later...William gave me some specific pointers for adding shadow to the two collages I am working on...to show me how to (hopefully, if I can pull it off) make the creatures look like they are popping more on the canvas.

And then...after dinner we played a few more hands of Magic: the Gathering.

LOL -- William used some of my decks and with this one, the card he was waiting for was the very last card on the bottom of the deck.  (Which happens to me all the time...LOL)
Well -- it has been a great week, but it really really went quickly.  Hopefully William will have some time to visit again when he makes his way back from Maine to Minnesota later in the year...if he does, we hope to do a semi-big Arto-Session with Juana and other local Art-o-mat artists.

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