Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2012/365 - Day 165

looking at basic shapes for possible heads

I didn't go to Wednesday Morning at Joan's this morning because my sister and I had an appointment we had to keep here at my house.  Tonight I didn't go to the ATC exchange group's meeting because I had another meeting I wanted/needed to go to, but I had met Leann and Jane for a quick dinner near the store where the ATC group meets and gave Leann the last of Ruth and my tarot trades to deliver for us.  Leann brought me the materials and background info on prayer flags for Ruth and me to look over and get familiar with so we wouldn't get too far behind in the group project.  And Jane and Leann gave me some input on some titles/subtitles/tag lines for a project I might get to do.

For the last few days my hands have really been hurting.  Not that other wrecked hand thing I was having from making too many finger puppets in a row.  This is different.  It is kind of like arthritis-y painful and stiff stuff, but then again not.  Whatever it is, it is keeping me from doing plaster cloth tonight, but I did start thinking of different basic head shapes for the snakes.

Here is what I tried out...just looking at the very basic outline/shape:

Some recycle materials to try out.

These tubes are SO long!

Okay...first I tried putting to containers together and cutting a hole in them to slide onto the tube.

I kind of like it...I have plenty of these containers.

There would be a lot to work with if I used this.

I also like the shape of this pickle jar.

The mixed nuts container...hmmm...not so sure.  Lots of surface, though.

The salt cylinder is less of a giant shape change.  It might also work.

Plenty to build off of.

And then I spied the bag of plastic bags and packing materials. 

How about if I just try to make a shape and a neck to stick into the end of the tube?


It already has a little bit of personality.

I will probably end up making different shapes for the five tubes/snakes.

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