Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2012/365 - Day 171

okay...I can live with this one...

I don't deal with last minute changes very easily...I need to feel in charge of my end of a project and things were just not going very well today...way before I found out about this...LOL.

Plus I really hurt a lotAnd I still need to clean the house...at the very least I need to finish up the new guest room...cripes!

So this is an update/edit of the original rather negative blog entry.  Six transfers and four carvings later, I think I can live with this one.  Man...tougher than it looks!

I just couldn't get the eyelashes right, so I left them off.  I like this carving.  It isn't meant to be a great work of art...it is just meant for the one-day Art Hunt and stamping the hunters' game cards.

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