Friday, June 15, 2012

2012/365 - Day 167

carving, take two...and visiting with Peggy at her solo show

Well, it's take two for the carvings...the other size was just too small. I have carved smaller stamps before, but I want people to be able to actually see the what they've stamped when they use them in the Art Hunt.

Cutting more carving block material to a more workable size.

Yes...there is quite a size difference!

Oh...this is how it my desk gets cluttered up overnight.

As soon as I get these figured out I will be able to put the extra stuff away.

Practicing the designs on the smaller already cut pieces of carving material.  I haven't used this particular material before and I wanted to test it out before I started hacking at it for real.

It is unbelievably smooooooooth!

This evening Ruth and I went to the Village Theater in Canton, MI to see our friend Peggy Kerwan's solo show.  Peggy has forty (gasp!) paintings on display -- it is a delightful and very colorful show that is very, very Peggy!

When we walked in Peggy was right near the front of the gallery working on yet another piece!

Here is the lovely Peggy Kerwan with some of her work.
"The river of life winds through shadows from the sun setting behind silhouetted mountains; the tree line reflecting bits of the day's last rays of light."

9ft x 4ft triptych made from 
456 Tazo tea bags - wrappers
Exhibited at Art Prize 2010 in
Grand Rapids, MI


This one of my favorite of Peggy's works.


Peggy and Ruth talking about Peggy's work.

Another of my favorite pieces --

18x24 paint - hand painted paper
(model:  Becca)


Ruth and Peggy...gettin' specific.

Okay -- if I could purchase just one of Peggy's pieces this is what I would choose.

Myth of the Eclipse
18x30 paint & hand-painted papers
African belief that an eclipse happens 
when a crocodile eats the sun


And if I could purchase another one...

A Cat I Could Hug
11x14 paint - paint chips


And more...(well, I would also want Tranquili-Tea, so this is the fourth piece I would purchase).  (Oops...and Rudebeckia, that's five.)

14x11 paint - hand-painted papers


If you get a chance to make it out to Canton, do yourself a favor and go see Peggy's exhibit -- it is just wonderful!  It runs through June 26.

Village Theater at Cherry Hill
50400 Cherry Hill Rd.
Canton, MI 48187

Ph: 734/394-5300
or 734/394-5460

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